Our Green Cleaning Process: Wet Cleaning

Specialized equipment, machines, soaps, and conditioners have been developed to make the professional wet cleaning process.

Our system is from a different manufacturer but works in exactly the same way as this demonstration.


Wet Cleaning vs Traditional Dry Cleaning:

Wet Cleaning is better for our employees.

It does not carry the health risks associated with exposure to traditional dry cleaning fluids, such as cancer, respiratory conditions, liver and kidney disease.

Wet Cleaning is better for our customers.

Gives much cleaner clothes.

Will not develop the yellow look as with items that have been repeatedly dry cleaned.

Clothes will not come home with harmful chemical and odor residue.

Stains come out better than a traditional dry cleaner.

Clothes will fade less and fabrics will be less damaged.

Wet Cleaning is better for our community.

Eliminates the risk of chemicals contaminating our ground water supply.

Neighbours are safer without air exposure to chemicals.

Wet cleaning is energy efficient, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

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